Inspiration in Hand: Fleck Asks You to See The World in a New Way

Most apps on our phones are oversaturated with the mundane. Art and beauty are lost amongst a sea of breakfast burritos and cats with hipster glasses.

Repeat after me: The world has more to offer than Selfies.

I want something thoughtful, beautiful and inspiring. I want instant access to people I don’t know and places I have never been. I want something less social, but still collaborative. I want to be delighted *without* the work of following people, blogs or pinboards.

Meet Fleck, a new app for iOS that organizes the world around topics related to design, fashion and the creative arts. Gone are the days of managing lists of users, boards or blogs.

Just tap a topic, and explore beautiful moments shared from places like Berlin, Seoul, and Rio de Janeiro. Instant inspiration from designers, illustrators, and anyone with a passion for great design.

We are building Fleck to be a place to be inspired as well as inspire others. To take a step back from the noise and celebrate thoughtful, beautiful moments. To cherish the beauty that exists around you. To see the world in a new way, with no effort required.

Are your ready to explore the world through moments that have meaning? Download Fleck for iOS at and join our creative revolution.