Inspiration in Hand: Fleck Asks You to See The World in a New Way

Most apps on our phones are oversaturated with the mundane. Art and beauty are lost amongst a sea of breakfast burritos and cats with hipster glasses.

Repeat after me: The world has more to offer than Selfies.

I want something thoughtful, beautiful and inspiring. I want instant access to people I don’t know and places I have never been. I want something less social, but still collaborative. I want to be delighted *without* the work of following people, blogs or pinboards.

Meet Fleck, a new app for iOS that organizes the world around topics related to design, fashion and the creative arts. Gone are the days of managing lists of users, boards or blogs.

Just tap a topic, and explore beautiful moments shared from places like Berlin, Seoul, and Rio de Janeiro. Instant inspiration from designers, illustrators, and anyone with a passion for great design.

We are building Fleck to be a place to be inspired as well as inspire others. To take a step back from the noise and celebrate thoughtful, beautiful moments. To cherish the beauty that exists around you. To see the world in a new way, with no effort required.

Are your ready to explore the world through moments that have meaning? Download Fleck for iOS at and join our creative revolution.

Fleck 1.4 is now available!

We are excited to announce the release of Fleck 1.4! We have been thrilled at the response from our users, from all corners of the world. Your awesome support, and beautiful photos that expose the world’s beauty, are what keep us going each day.

With that said, here is a rundown of what is new in Fleck 1.4:

  • Option to sign in via email address
  • All new Topic feed experience
  • Full user profiles - See all the photos a user has posted and add them to your ‘favorites’ feed
  • All new ‘Me’ section: easily see all the photos you have liked and posted

Fleck continues to be an amazing place to discover and share the world through awesome design and the visual arts. Want to get in touch? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

And if you are late to the party, you can download Fleck for iOS at

What’s all the fuss about this app called Fleck?

Earlier this week, Fast Company posted a review of our app titled An iPhone App That Is Like Instagram For Designers and it got us thinking. Designers, artists, creators - these are all just terms for someone that values the care, beauty and intricacy that exists in the world around them. Maybe it’s a simple pattern on the sidewalk created by the sun filtering through a fence, or it’s a new street mural posted in a run-down section of their city. Either way, we value being able to experience these moments, and when they get lost in the shuffle, it’s a missed opportunity to experience what makes life interesting.

One of Fleck’s users summed it up nicely in an email to us this morning: “…as a designer I’d love to wake up in the morning and flick through some inspiration to kick off the day. Design is often neglected in a sea of half naked women and fast cars on Instagram.

So, thanks are in order to all the awesome people that have downloaded Fleck this week, and before. We are thrilled you are taking this journey with us in better organizing life’s beautiful moments. And to give you an idea of where we are heading - here is a brief rundown of what you can expect in our next release, most likely coming out sometime in December:

  • Option to create an account and sign-in via email
  • User profiles. See images that users have posted, and favorite their profiles to influence the users that show up in each topic’s user feed
  • Entirely new design for Fleck’s main feed
  • Improvements to responsiveness throughout

Thanks, and looking forward to the future! You can always reach us at [email protected] - we would love to hear from you. And if you haven’t already, Fleck for iOS can be downloaded at