torontojack asked:

Will we get vanity url for each user?

Our next major feature to add is improved user profiles… and we think it makes sense to give everyone a website for their profile as well! So, probably really soon! :D


Weekly Apps: Cord, WorldMate, Fleck and more

Today Android users will love!, I selected 4 nice apps to feature, such as LINK and Cord! But if you’re iOS user, take a look at Fleck, it’s awesome! Hope you guys like these apps and all the whole selection, and stay tuned for the next week!   Fleck – Daily,…

Excited to be included in Play Magazine’s Weekly Apps roundup. 

happiestpianist asked:

What inspired you to make this app?

Hi bearsmashface,

We love visual inspiration, but sometimes, it just takes way too much work to find and follow all the best artists, designers and people that post interesting work. That is why we made Fleck all about community curation, without the need to get followers or constantly follow other users.

We think it’s a simple and effective way to get visual inspiration. Also, anyone can post their interesting photos or artwork and have the same exposure in the app as anyone else.

Hope that answers your question!