We believe in the power of photography and visual expression to inspire and effect change. We also believe in the power of systems that give equal opportunity for exposure to all voices. It is our hope that Fleck, and the following community guidelines, support these ideals.

Fleck for iOS is a platform for artistic discovery and visual inspiration. Anyone can submit their original photos to our list of available topics (like Street Art and Typography). Those submissions are then voted upon by the Fleck community in the ‘New’ feed. Once a day, we release the 20 best community selected photos to the ‘Top’ feed.

Fleck was founded in October 2013 by Rory Reiff and Michael Wilson in Los Angeles, CA. Fleck has been actively built in numerous locations, including Portland, Oregon and Santiago, Chile. Mauricio Bustamante, our first employee, starting working with us in October 2014.

Community Guidelines

Last edited: 3/3/15

About the community

Fleck is a growing community of creative people from all over the world. Since we launched, we have seen over 50,000 users from almost every country in the world join Fleck.

Acceptable content

The following types of content is acceptable on Fleck:

  • Photos that you have taken and own
  • Photos of other artist’s artwork on display in public locations (example: street art created by other artists)
  • Photos that are a minimum resolution of 1242 x 1242 pixels

Unacceptable content

The following types of content is subject to moderation:

  • Graphic nudity, graphic violence or obscene language
  • Photos that don’t fit into any of Fleck’s available topics
  • Photos that do not belong to the user sharing them
  • Photos with low resolution and optical quality (minimum resolution of 1242 x 1242 pixels).
  • Duplicate photos

Flagging content

To help us maintain these guidelines, tap the ‘…’ on any photo to report it as either miscategorized (i.e. a photo is obviously in one category when it should be in another) or offensive (see unacceptable content above). Future versions of Fleck will contain more advanced and nuanced ways to flag content.

Help us make Fleck better

Our community guidelines are constantly evolving and subject to change. We are always eager to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can improve what we are doing. Reach us at [email protected]


How do the top 20 photos get selected each day?

Each day’s top feed represents the 20 best community selected submissions from the previous day. These 20 photos are chosen to be the ‘best’ based on the following criteria:

  • Community Votes (likes versus passes, or up swipes versus down swipes)
  • Variety of Content (Are all topics represented? Are any photos too similar to each other?)
  • Fresh Faces (New and unrecognized users deserve extra attention.)
  • Location (Is there a wide variety of locations represented?)

When will Fleck be available for Android?

Hopefully soon. We are a small team looking to grow. Think it should be sooner? Tell us at [email protected]

When will Fleck be available for the web?

We will be slowly rolling out features from the app to the web. Right now, all posts in fleck have an online version. Our next major feature to address is having online profiles for Fleck users.